Pulse Oximeters

  • OXY-3 Oximeter


    Price € 29.95 ex vat

    Easy to use pocket device, measures oxygen level and pulse rate. .....

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  • OXY-5 Adult or Paediatric Oximeter

    Price From € 39.95 ex vat

    To monitor pulse oxygen saturation and pulse rate through patient’s finger in medical and hospital environments.....

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  • NONIN GO2 Oximeter

    Price € 149.95 ex vat

    GO2 are manufactured to the same technical specifications and technology used in NONIN professional oximeters, but are dedicated to consumers for people suffering from shortness of breath, fatigue or limited activities.....

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  • NONIN ONYX Vantage 9590 Pulse Oximeter

    Price € 249.95 ex vat

    The Onyx is the only finger pulse oximeter with scientifically proven accuracy in motion and low perfusion, and it is tested for use on fingers, thumbs, or toes.....

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  • Wrist Oximeter

    Price € 325.00 ex vat

    Small and lightweight wrist Oximeter available for home and clinical long-term and comfortable monitoring. It can be simply worn on the patient’s wrist as a watch to start the monitoring

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  • OXY-100 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

    Price € 219.95 ex vat

    Compact pulse oximeter for hospital and rescue applications to monitor SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index(PI). SpO2 can be displayed in numbers with bar-graph of pulse as well as full display of plethysmogam

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  • Oxy-50 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

    Price € 189.95 ex vat

    Pocket fingertip pulse oxymeter with colour display for both routine check and continous monitoring use.

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